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About Us

As a leading group in construction industry in Iran, Baran Engineering Group was established as of 2006 in Mashhad and founded a special pattern of customer-oriented services. In this pattern, aiming at improving quality of life, it is attempted to provide customers with a modern lifestyle through combining hotel services, building guarantee and after-sales services.



"Baran lifestyle" is the result of a set of regular, organized and integrated mechanism of services which can grant customers a more opportunity for being together, work and entertainment with the aim of customer satisfaction and alleviating their daily concerns.

Based on its strategic principles such as honesty, emphasizing on quality, innovation and providing the most favorable services, Baran Engineering Group provides various service scopes for investment, engineering, hotel management, physical protection, marketing, sales, research and education.


Becoming the first choice of all those seeking to improve quality, comfort and welfare in their life and work.

Mission Statement 

We aim at changing Baran Engineering Group into one of the top providers of the best lifestyle in house, work, entertainment and rest, health, business and industry. We seek to produce value with the highest standards.


In a close furure, "Baran" will be synonym with the concept of "Highest Quality of Life".

Core Values

  • Belief in the primacy of moral values and human dignity
  • Respect to originality, culture and society
  • Serve the people, the world around and the environment
  • Welcome to changes, innovation and creativity
  • Provide the most exclusive and highest services


Future Plan


Baran Engineering Group is determined to improve the quality of performances in construction industry and hoteliering through enhancing customer expectations rate. In a close future, extension and benchmarking Baran approach cause the citizens' quality of life to improve as well as building survival and value-added of investment to increase and thus contributing to growth and development of national capitals and economic development.


Baran Engineering Group plans to study, design, construct and put into operation minimum one million square meter of residential, hotel, medical, tourist, trading, educational built land and etc. on the horizon in 2021.


Based on the essential principle of customer satisfaction, this increasing process can pave the way for the participation of this group in national, regional and international arenas.




Social Responsibilities

  • Optimize energy consumption with the aim of preserving national capitals
  • Cooperation in conservation and protection of the environment
  • Support the scientific and academic groups and experts of the society
  • Participate in social activities in order to educate and improve general quality of life in the society
  • Enhance productivity of human, social and economic capitals through extending the culture of "better life"
  • Commitment to the preservation of cultural authenticity and promotion of the aesthetic of the city faces.