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Baran Residential Tower 1
      This unique project is undoubtedly the highest and most luxurious residential tower in Mashhad and due to the modern technology, it has been known as an incomparable project among the professionals of the constructing industry of the country. Due to its special designing and management practice, Baran residential tower with a height of 60 meters and 18 floors is more similar to a five-star hotel than a residential apartment. The architectural designing of the tower is in such a way that the general spaces of the structure have been gathered in three floors under the earth and the ultra-luxury elevators have been designed in the middle and in other words you can use the facilities and the services in the peace.


Baran Residential Tower 2
    After the citizen and customer’s trust to our views in Baran Engineering Group during last years, and having a deep belief that the greatest goal of a company must be focused on the retention and satisfaction of its customers on one side and introducing and establishing the unique and special construction projects to people on the other side, we started designing and constructing 2nd Baran Residential Tower. Then this project with exceptional hotel services and facilities is at the forefront of our researches in residential towers. Considering to the valuable experience of this group on, we can undoubtedly claim that this project is the most excellent and outstanding project of its kind in the city.
     In this unique project, we have paid especial attention to the welfare of the residents which can be achieved through the latest technology of the construction industry. Therefore, this project can be known as the most luxurious and equipped, smart and most compatible with nature that has ever been designed and built in Mashhad. This project is being constructing during day and night based on the most accurate supervision and controlling system in the different phases and according to the preplanned schedule announced to the customers will be ready to deliver in the late 2013.
Baran 3 Residential Tower
By the beginning of the year 2012 and by getting close to Baran Engineering Group’s 6th anniversary, we are introducing Baran 3 residential tower. This was made possible through our customers’ increasing trust towards us, positive effects of our efforts to create a different life style in big cities of our country, and a deeper commitment to address our customers’ different needs.