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To fulfill our promises in Baran Engineering Group, we have designed some methods in customers’ services that the result is living permanently in a luxury hotel or even more than that.
Our unique services that could distinguish Baran Engineering Group from others can be classified in three following categories:
A. Technical and engineering service
B. Hotel services
C. Special services
Technical and engineering after sale service
1. Installation and technical setting of the projects after definite delivery and troubleshooting
2. Ongoing fixing and 24-hour maintenance under the supervision of technical and engineering department during the warranty of the project that can be extended if the customers demand.
3. Renewal and optimizing of the service and technical systems of the projects that can be upgraded if the customers demand.
Hotel services
Considering the infrastructures and facilities that exist in every project Baran Engineering Group offers different kinds of hotel services to the customers to resolve their concerns of daily life which are time consuming. Some services are as follows:
1. Coordination and organizing the business meetings in a special location in the lobby and holding the celebrities and ceremonies or family meetings when needed.
2. Integrated management of sports such as water sports, dedicated hall gym, bowling, billiard and squash hall and computer games
3. Equipment and supplying coffee shop and restaurants with the best materials and employing the expert staffs and using and supervision and management of the food and beverage as the hotel standards
4. Ongoing housekeeping which is offered for the public and private spaces of the building. Cleaning services can also be extended for the private units of the projects.
5. In order to omit frequent references to other agencies for office works, financial or bank services or daily shopping we offer our customers VIP services and also regular inter-city services with the highest quality and shortest possible time.
6. Reservation and booking tickets of recreation centers
7. Child care centers under the supervision of expert instructors
8. Public services such as laundry, auto car wash, park man and 24-hour welcome and escort services
9. Safety and security services through several closed circuit cameras and expert guards
And altogether, we try our best to create a convenient and comfortable feeling for everyone.
Special services
“Beyond your expectation” is our motto. In order to reach this goal and to resolve your concerns, we will add some new services very soon. Some of these services are:
1. We will create a forum called ‘customers’ corridor of Baran’ to receive and exchange the customers’ views and ideas.
2. Extensive after sale services in Baran Engineering Group will be systematized and this company will present quality manual to its clients.
3. We are going to provide you up to date economical, civil and technical information from all over the world through magazines, bulletins or internet.
4. A physician will be present in the tower 24 hour a day and will give clinical medical services to the residents.
We will try our best to provide the economical, shopping, bank transactions, and real estate services in a way that people can trust and rely on us.
Expect a new pleasant event every day in Baran.